Being Confident

Human beings are not perfect. Nobody’s perfect except God. We should always be thankful for everything that God has given to us in life. No matter what, we have to trust and believe in ourselves. Today, I’m going to share about being confident.

Trust Yourself

Being confident is the feeling in which you trust yourself. You really are believing in yourself that you can do something that you want to do. Just don’t really care to other people’s negative thoughts and opinions and let yourself do what you want and love to. Sometimes, it’s just really hard to accept who we really are, because we think that we’re not like what we had expected in the past. It’s when you think that ‘almost is never enough’, then, you always want to be as ‘perfect’ as possible. Sometimes, people just don’t care and realize that their thoughts and opinion about certain person may affect him/her. When he/she does something, people just keep on commenting. When the comments are in negative ways, they don’t realize that they decrease the ability of that person to be confident. Why? Because he/she keeps on thinking what had people said about what he/she did and they may be scared of being wrong just because of those people’s comments. Commenting is not wrong at all, but all you have to remember is to pay attention on what you’re saying and mind your words. Make sure you don’t hurt their feeling or even make them unconfident (if your comment is critics or suggestions).

Personally, I always think that having the ability to be confident is really important. Especially nowadays, being confident is one thing we should do in our daily life. For example, to get a job, to do presentation, to talk with people and many more. Being confident can be one of our provisions in the future, in any cases. 

Be You and Believe in Yourself.

I often hear a lot of stories of people who aren’t really confident, that’s not actually a big deal, but I really think that it’s better for them to practice and learn to be confident. I have one story to share. My friend used to be so shy. Presenting, doing dramas, and singing in front of the class are just so ‘scary’ for her. She wasn’t really confident in doing things like that. But actually, the things she presented, her acting and her voice are so good. I had no idea why couldn’t she realize that. So, I decided to ask her, why was she so shy but actually she’s good at those things. After telling the story, I knew why she was like that. It was all because, she was kind of scared to make mistake in front of the class and hear what people thought. I told her that she didn’t have to be scared. 

So, we have to be confident and always remember to believe in yourself that you can do what you want and what you love. 

‘Trust and believe in yourself’ is my moto that can stands me up and encourage me to be confident. Yes, I feel scared and not confident in some cases sometimes. But I realized, that wouldn’t finish the problem. 


People’s life may be good or bad, fun or boring, happy or sad. It depends on how they go and act through. It won’t always be good nor bad. Life is can be pictured as wheel. It rotates up and down, like us in our life. We have to love and share positivity in our life to make us and people around us happy.

I’m here to share my experiences in my life!